Tuesday, November 4, 2008

BlogAgainstTheMachineBoston Votes

So today Mr. BlogAgainstTheMachineBoston went to the ballot booth for Ward 10 Precinct 6 at the Kennedy School in Boston and here is what he picked: Cynthia McKinney, of the Green Party, for President of the United States. Sonia Chang-Diaz, for state senator (even though her opponent socialist William Leonard showed at the antiwar rally while she was absent). They're both power-to-the-people pols who aren't going to be bought off by anyone.

For the initiated state statues on the ballot he voted No on Question 1 because it's tempting but just too rash and plus, his mom said, the property taxes will just go up; Yes on Question 2 because criminal laws against marijuana are systemically racist leaving it to police discretion on when to arrest never mind the fact that alcohol is far more dangerous yet remains legal; and lastly No on Question 3 because we need jobs so forget dogs they're fine anyways.

For the rest of the candidates, including Mike Capuano, his Democratic U.S. rep to the House, he voted No Confidence to send a message that he's unsatisfied by their service. He did not vote for the U.S. Senate seat and instead wrote No John Kerry! and blackened in the circle.

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