Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Palin calls for new investigation into 9/11

Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin proclaimed that she is a 9/11 truther.

Responding to a question from a We Are Change member at a rally in Ohio last week, she said she would support the victims -- dead, injured and ailing first responders along with their families -- whose lives were impacted by Sept. 11 in regards to their pleas for a new investigation into the events of that chaotic day.

“I do because I think that helps us get to the point of never again," Palin said. "And if anything that we could do could still complete that reminder out there," she added, in a quick rising pitch.

In the past her counterpart, Republican Presidential hopeful John McCain, has spoke out against calls for a new investigation. He even wrote the foreward to a book denouncing anyone who questions the Bush administration's account of the tragic day.

I found this through infowars.com where Paul Joseph Watson pondered into the mentality of the Alaska governor. Watson seems surprised by and suspicious of her candor.

Of course, one would have to be incredibly naive to think that Palin, at best a befuddled Republican poster child and at worst another establishment Neo-Con, would follow through on her support and back a new 9/11 investigation should John McCain snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and take the White House. ... For most people, Palin’s expression of support for a new investigation seems to be borne out of a desperate attempt to say anything to get votes as McCain slips further behind Obama in the polls on a daily basis with the election just five days away. Other politicians who have been confronted on 9/11 by chapters of We Are Change have either ignored the question altogether, or in the case of Bill Clinton, gone on the offensive and verbally scorned 9/11 truth activists.
But I kind of had an inkling -- she's one of these paranoid, proliberty, anti-Fed types at heart -- despite her insistence that the War in Iraq is a "task from God." Those secessionist tend to espouse some pretty radical ideas.

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