Monday, November 10, 2008

Boston Globe Multimedia Reporter Emily Sweeney Presents

When I was working at City Weekly for the Boston Globe last may I remember the editor mentioning an upcoming section front regarding Boston slang. The idea amused me, being from the area, and so I wondered how it would come out.

The article was O.K. But it needed something else. A video to compliment the text would bring the story to life.

The Globe, like lots of other major newspapers, are infusing video into their online product more and more everyday. You gotta' have sound and moving sights for this one.

That's where Emily Sweeney comes in. She sat down with the writer Billy Baker, recorded some narration, scrapped together some animation as well as file photos and let the Beantown vernaculur shine.

Sweeney visited the Reinventing the News class on Wednesday.

On her website, SpikeyEm, she links to this really inspiring video for an article she wrote in 2006 about John McClay, who was a former Mr. America contender, adapting to life in a wheelchair. He was hit by a car while jogging in 1985 and that left him disabled below the waste.

The video is structured nicely. We have a dynamic interview in scene -- the gym -- that we start with and end with. We have body building b-rolls and pictures spliced in from the prime years in his career. And we have edgy rock music. Let's roll!

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