Sunday, December 7, 2008

Chuck Turner is innocent as charged and the Bay State Banner spells it out for y'all

Yo newspaper people: This is why we need the Bay State Banner to counter balance the sytemically racist mainstream media. Telling it how it really is.


Willow said...

Yes, absolutely, thanks for this blog and thanks for the Bay State Banner. we need to counter the racist, hateful comments and stories in the Boston Globe and else where.

Marc Larocque said...

Willow, check out this earlier post on BlogAgainstTheMachineBoston:

Derek said...

OK, Marc, let me ask this: After reading the affidavit and weighing the likelihood of whether or not Turner accepted bribe money, do you think that all charges against him should be summarily dropped and any inquiry into his conduct abandoned?

I do not. Whether or not his actions were legal, he is indisputably connected to Wilkerson's illegal attempts to secure a liquor license for Dejavu. And the charges against Wilkerson are damning.

Why such collaboration between political adversaries? When I interviewed Wilkerson last winter she refused to address any questions about Turner or even acknowledge him in our hour-long discussion. Turner, on the other hand, was glad to comment on Wilkerson -- and if you read my story from last year he only had sharply negative things to say about her. Now they're teammates? How did this happen? Why such effort for one little night club?

These are legitimate questions and as a former tenacious observer of Boston municipal politics, I want to know what's going on here. I am not content to just *intuit* the answers to these questions based on a respect and admiration of Turner's populist legacy, nor what some suggest are inconsistencies in the affidavit.

Ultimately I am as content as you are to "stand behind Chuck." He deserves fair treatment and due process in this case, as anyone does, and indeed some in the media and political arena have not afforded him this.

I also believe that Turner's constituents deserve due process in being able to know whether their longtime advocate has betrayed their trust for the sake of some lowly night club owner. In that sense, I stand behind them too.

Marc Larocque said...

** Clap... ** Clap ... Good show old boy.

Marc Larocque said...

And, I just want to comment in one flaw in your line of reasoning, but, otherwise you really need to call me so we can talk, like real people, over the phone at least.